The contemporary forms of visual arts reflect on our surrounding world and in many instances they do not rely on market realization. They are directed towards the creation of new communication channels for the exchange of information with the audience and quite often provoke sharp public reactions by focusing the attention on various controversial political, social or ecological issues. The Talks project affords an opportunity to actively working artists across the world to express freely their views and reflections regarding their work as contemporary artists. The project started with interviews of contemporary Bulgarian artists with the aim of creating video-narratives, revealing in the purest form the authors' strategies for preserving their specific way of presenting ideas in an increasingly commercialized world. This makes it possible, to analyze what improvements in the field of contemporary visual art are needed in both the governmental and nongovernmental sectors. The films are part of the discussion program of Art Project Depot, which is carried out in partnership with the Cultural Centre of Sofia University.

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During the preparation of the exhibition Dutch Artists in the Herbarium Collection, the Art Project Depot team in partnership with the Cultural Institute of the Minister of Foreign Affairs initiated a new section in which the visual artists participating in the collection answer five questions related to their professional practice.

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The interviews section brings together the perspectives of various professionals in the field of contemporary culture.

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